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Looking after your postie

So I'm a postie and would like to inform you some important information. We deliver your parcel and letters.

What you may not be aware of is we are classed as keyworkers through these terrible times.

The CWU have offered us to become an emergency service for the public. If things get worse your postie could be delivering healthcare products, food and even medication.

All that is asked from the public is:

1) Think about safety first, for yours and the postie.

2) If you see a postie coming towards your door please (DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR). We will sign your parcels and letters for you.
We will leave the parcel, food or medication on your doorstep and then knock. Give the postie enough time to step away from the door.

3) If you are already outside your house, go inside or step away 2 metres from your postie. Please do not approach your postie.
If we tell you to stop and back off or close your door, don't feel offended. We are only trying to help protect you from this virus.

(LET'S BEAT IT TOGETHER) please share this to let your family and friends know..